Body Aware Grieving is a system of self-care designed by fitness trainer Margo Rose to help you feel and function better even during times of stress, loss or grief.

Strong emotions including sadness, anger, fear or worry often make it harder to think clearly, stay healthy and take good care of ourselves and the people we care about! The goal of Body Aware Grieving is to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and stress-related setbacks during challenging experiences. Read more here.

It was not my intention to become so informed about grief.

I have been a personal and group fitness trainer for over 15 years.

My specialties include making exercise fun for my clients, with an emphasis on injury reduction, comfort-focused fitness and senior wellness. Then, I went through some hard times and learned a lot about how to keep moving forward skillfully and safely, even when I felt totally overwhelmed. Read more here.


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Margo Rose is a fitness trainer, author and podcast host.


Are you struggling with a challenge like loss of a loved one or pet, stress from financial, romantic or caregiving problems? Listen to the episodes here.

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