A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Staying Healthy During Sad Times

Welcome to Body Aware Grieving

A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Staying Healthy During Sad Times

The goal of is to help people who are going through tough life changes stay safe and well while they are in transition.  The practical, health-focused, healing techniques being shared here can be utilized in most any difficult situation.

Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one, romantic break-up or find yourself struggling with work or finances, the effect on ones body can be similar.  Emotions like grief, shock, sadness and stress can make it harder to think clearly, function efficiently and move carefully.

Body Aware Grieving is about surviving and recovering from difficult experiences.
Some of the strategies we will be discussing in more detail include:

**Injury Reduction and Personal Care
The first step to feeling better, is to avoid new set backs when possible! It is very common for people who are already upset to have:  physical accidents and falls, problems with food, drug or alcohol misuse and various forms of reckless behavior due to difficulty concentrating.

One of the techniques we are sharing is called The Wellness 100 Rating System.

**Safety Focused Fitness

Staying healthy, eating well and being physically fit can be especially challenging to do when one is in a state of either extreme emotion or feeling of numbness.  It is important to learn how to pay careful attention to one’s body, especially while exercising.

We will be presenting comfort and safety focused fitness tips, simple 10-15 minute workouts and ways for you to eat nutritionally even if you are short on time.

Follow the link to an example of a quick exercise you can do right now or any time you are feeling stressed.

**Skillful Grieving
Sometimes it is hard to figure out what will help oneself feel “better” after an important loss.   We want to learn how to approach the experiences we are sad about in a way that ultimately makes it easier to move forward with our lives. Each person may need to explore for themselves which rituals of mourning will be most satisfying.

Some people are brought to a sense of peacefulness by spending time out in nature,  camping or hiking, maybe sitting or walking at the beach.   Others turn to the arts as a way of expressing their strong emotions and memories.  Making or listening to music, creating or going to see artwork, writing about your own life or reading a passage that speaks to you deeply.  You can make up your own rituals or explore other cultural traditions to see which ones suit your personality and current needs.

We will be able to benefit from each other here at Body Aware Grieving.  This is a place for us to share stories about what we have experienced and ways we have discovered to comfort and heal ourselves.

**Renewal, Wisdom, Enjoyment and Celebration
After dark times, comes brighter ones and we can focus on the rewards of making it through difficult changes!  When life throws us a challenge or loss we did not expect we begin to become a new person.   We can be better than we were, more empathetic, with wisdom and kindness to share.

Let’s celebrate our survival and savor every bit of good luck and new choices we are able to enjoy. Let’s discuss the lessons we have learned and inspire each other with stories of how our lives may have turned out differently than we expected, sometimes in wonderful ways.

**Community Support
Since we are covering such a wide range of material here on Body Aware Grieving, we will be including resources more specific to each topic.   Our categories are arranged so that people who are going through similar experiences can find each other.   If you are recovering from a death, divorce, or career change we have made it easier for you to get and give advice to other people in similar circumstances.

Please remember to keep your comments to others polite and helpful! We are all here to be kind to one another. The internet is a big place and folks are busy.   The people attracted to spending time here on this website are likely dealing with some type of very difficult life experience.


Hello, I am Margo Rose and I have been a personal fitness trainer for over nine years.  My specialty has been making exercise fun, comfortable and safe for my clients.    It was not my intention or preference to become so informed about grief.   There are many types of losses, my own recent experiences have been about death.  In the past few years, many people close to me have died including: my mother, father and little sister, a boyfriend, two beloved aunts, and my 8-year old pet bunny rabbit named Mo.

My hope is that the self-care techniques that I have needed to develop these past years can be of service to you.

As this website develops and grows, we want to cooperate with the various other professionals who work as healers.   The advice offered here is not a replacement for services like:  psychotherapy, grief counseling, hospice, suicide prevention or individually supervised exercise.

Do you have any topics or questions you would like to discuss? Let us know in the comments section below.  Please consider subscribing if you would like to be included when new information is made available.


We are excited and proud to be launching Body Aware Grieving and look forward to creating an abundance to new content for each section.

A number of people have been instrumental in helping create this project, and we would like to thank them:

Professional photos of Margo Rose, Tonya Perme

Some of our artistic photos are by Anne Kohler

Business consulting, Allison Bliss

Graphic design for our logo, Vanessa Yap-Einbund

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9 Responses to “Welcome to Body Aware Grieving”
  1. Eden Kaspar says:

    Hiya! You some sort of professional? Nice message. Are you able to tell me the best way to subscribe your weblog?

    • Margo Rose says:

      Hello Eden,
      We would be delighted to have you subscribe to our website! There is a place to do so on our homepage in the sidebar.
      We would never share an email address and send out updates as we post new material about twice a week.
      You can also find us on Twitter with the user name: BodyAwareGrief, we are pretty active.

      Your question “Are you a professional?” is interesting. I am a certified fitness trainer and have been teaching my clients to be “body aware” for about 10 years now. Being ‘professional’ about grieving came to me unintentionally, as 7 members of my family died within a short period of years. I have also been supporting and helping to guide my fitness clients through their own various losses.

  2. Margo Rose says:

    Much appreciation for helping us let more people know about the BodyAwareGrieving website. Please keep coming back and letting us know which types of material you would most like to see expanded.

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  4. What a wonderful (and very needed!) resource this site is! Thanks for all the work you’ve obviously put into it – as well as the heart to share it!

    • Margo Rose says:

      So delighted to hear you enjoy and find this information beneficial, Karen! We are still trying to get the word about out to more people. Are there articles you most want to see?

  5. Sona I. says:

    Hi Margo,
    I’m writing on behalf of PACE Vermont — Program of All- Inclusive Care for the Elderly –
    a non-profit health care program that helps eligible older adults remain independent in their own homes in Vermont. We really enjoyed your posting from last October “How Old Do You Feel?” — and wanted to know if it may be possible for us to re-print it in our quarterly newsletter? If you can get back to me and let me know when you have a chance, that would be terrific. Thanks so much!
    Sona I.

  6. michael says:

    A truly wonderful website filled with many valuable insights, info and treasures! A very pleasant read. Well done!

  7. Margo Rose says:

    Body Aware Grieving has only been launched for 3 months. It is really exciting to realize that people are actually reading it, hopefully finding the information useful and beginning to participate by making comments!

    We also have a section called Your Stories/Your Way where readers are invited to send in their own experiences and wisdom. We welcome artwork, videos, photography, poems etc.

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